Master Adam Boisvert

Coach, Founder
Brief info

Born and raised in Dover NH

    *Graduate Dover High School, Dover NH
    *BA in Social Work and Psychology from University of New Hampshire
    *Master of Social Work from Boston University
    *Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Boston University

    *Policeman 1996-2001
    *Case Manager/Marriage and Family Therapist/Emergency Services Clinician 1999-2004
    *Clinical Team Leader 2004-2009
    *Clinical Social Worker US Department of VA 2009-present

Martial Arts training started in 1983
    First Degree Black Belt: September 1990
    Second Degree Black Belt: September 1994
    Third Degree Black Belt: September 2000
    Fourth Degree Black Belt: January 2004
    Fifth Degree Black Belt: February 2008
    Sixth Degree Black Belt: January 2012
    Seventh Degree Black Belt: June 2017

Martial Arts Teaching started in 1990

Accomplished Taekwon-Do Competitor in state, regional, and national competitions

Coach of Numerous Taekwon-Do Competitors

Unified ITF Instructor of the Year 2003

UITF Certified Instructor and Referee